Wirdora Ambassador Malaysia (WAM)

Our shop are located in Aman Central, Alor Setar, Kedah.

We are authorized stockist for Wirdora.

We selling glamorous brooches/pins/men studs/scarf & mask which is made from Swarovski.

Our main is, to be Your Faithful Companion 💎

Our designs and signatures always follow the trends which is suitable for the Muslim-Hijabis

Crystals are made from Swarovski

We used fine & premium material. Finishing & detailing are superb.

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Our products always in customer heart ⭐️

You deserve the beauty of Wirdora.

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Our customers are from the return customers. They love to stay with Wirdora. So do I

Get your favourite theme every month following your birthstone.

What your favourite color? Just pick form our Wirdora-wadrobe!

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We treat our customers like friends. Not only friends, but BFF

Wirdora Scarves

We tried our best to make the comfortable Hijab for Muslim Women which is follows the Islamic rules.

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The best & premium material Royal Chiffon. Embellished with crystal from Swarovski.
Light and flowy.

Rania Pleated Shawl

Have you ever wear fluffy, flowy & ready to wear pleated shawl? Here is for you- Rania♥️

Long shawl and smooth pleated. You will add more to cart with Rania.

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Dear customer, thank you for loving us ♥️

Dont worry, we didnt forget our Abang/Ayah/Adik for the style. You got your Wirdora too, Abang

Men stud or butang baju melayu creatively design for men. Different style & shapes yet stunning.

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We are happy to assist our customers from different gents. Its means Wirdora not only for women, but men too.

Put on your mask with Wirdora Mask. Go away pimples!

We heard you darling. Now Wirdora available for cloth mask. Breathable, light & easy to wear. Bonus with sprinkle of crystal Swarovski. You will love this!

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We love to see when out customers are happy. Happy customers are a good value for us. We are honoured to have you as Wirdora-family ♥️

Loyalty Card for Loyal Customers —

Purchased RM 50 & above you will get Loyalty Card from Scarlet Vestire. Collect & redeem with Wirdora items.

From Admin Desk

We would like to thank you for your love & support. Thank you for always choosing Wirdora by Scarlet Vestire - Your Faithful Companion💎