About Me

Why I’m Here

To be honest, I’m not sure I’ll ever completely know why I’m here.

But I do know that there are reasons why I’m on this planet.

The process of discovering these reasons has been unfolding my entire life up to this point, and it will continue to unfold as time goes on.

Lately as I’ve been listening to myself, I’ve heard that part of my purpose is sharing my story.

My story is a pattern of enduring and denying extreme amounts of pain. This started with physical pain and carried forward into emotional pain. I denied and denied and denied that I was hurt until I almost took my own life. My time was spent hiding and ignoring what I was experiencing. I checked out, and stayed checked out for years.

I’ve been told I didn’t communicate the level of hurt I was in, even though I thought it was obvious to others from the outside.

I’m proud to say that today I’m in less pain than I ever remember being in, physically and emotionally. It makes it a lot easier to talk about the depths I’ve been through, and I wouldn’t recommend waiting as long as I did to discuss and address what’s hurt you. It has taken a hell of a lot of work to check back in and get to the place I am today.

Thank you for witnessing me.