Scrub Caps, Etc.

Regina Salafia, RDH, BS Contemporary Seamstress

I’m a full time Dental Hygienist 🦷 and seamstress/owner 🪡 of Scrub Caps, Etc.

For the past 11 years I’ve been working at Dr. Nicole Cambria’s office in Middletown, Connecticut and consider myself blessed to be a part of such a wonderful office! If you’re in need of a dental office, we’d love to see you!

I have a wonderful husband, Manny, who has been helping me with post office runs, grocery pick ups and my preorder pickups at Joann Fabrics (this he’s not fond of! 😂). I’ve also been blessed with two beautiful daughters, Alexia and Arianna 🥰 who are both in college. Alexia is majoring in Architecture and Arianna is majoring in Communication Disorders.

My love of sewing was fostered by my paternal Grandmother who taught me to sew Barbie clothes! She used to bring me to the fabric store and let me pick out patterns that I wanted her to make. My Dad also has a creative side and taught me how to bead on a bead loom. I’ve always been creative and find sewing and crafting so therapeutic.

While I was in high school, I worked at a tailor shop for a very good friend of mine and learned so much!

When we were planning our wedding, I couldn’t find a dress in the material I wanted (gold lamé) for my bridesmaids dresses, so I made them!

I taught my daughters to sew when they were young and we even attended a weekend-long sewing expo once where they entered their projects. As a mom and crafter, I had the time of my life!!

I rediscovered my love of sewing during the Covid-19 pandemic when I began making masks for our local hospital. That evolved into making scrub caps and scrub bonnets due to the need to cover our hair in dentistry. People would ask to purchase a mask, so I eventually found a pattern I really like and it all took off. As a matter of fact, I’m so surprised at how this business has taken off on its own! What started as a little side hustle has evolved into an official business!

Some of the items I’ve been focusing on recently are:

-Scrub Caps / Scrub Bonnets
-Key Chains/Fobs
-Lanyards for Work Credentials
-Lanyards for Masks
-Dog Bandanas
-Headbands with Mask Buttons
-Luxurious Towel Pillow Cases (for going to bed
with wet hair)
-Personalized Items (I’ve ventured into the land
of Cricut!!)
-If I can do a special request, I do it-just ask!

The hours I’m putting in are astronomical, but I guess that’s what we do when we have a love for something. It’s my hope that that love shines through in each of my creations. 💕

Key Chain Ideas

Regular Key Chain ~ Ribbon #24

Regular Key Chain ~ Ribbon #25

Regular Key Chain ~ Ribbon #29

Regular Key Chain ~ Ribbon #16

Regular Key Chain ~ Ribbon #9

Wristlet Key Chain ~ Ribbon #2

Wristlet Key Chain ~ Fabric #290

Regular Key Chain ~ Ribbon #6

Mini Key Chain ~ Ribbon #15

Ribbon #17

Ribbon #18

Ribbon #15

Ribbon #16

Ribbon #13

Ribbon #14

Ribbon #11

Ribbon #9

Ribbon #10

Ribbon #19

Ribbon #20

Ribbon #7

Ribbon #21

Ribbon #22

Ribbon #29

Ribbon #24

Ribbon #26

Ribbon #25

Ribbon #28

Ribbon #23

Ribbon #8

Ribbon #30

Ribbon #5

Super Hero Ribbon

Dinasaurs Gallore Ribbon

Off to the Ball Ribbon

Nothing But Pink Flamingos Ribbon

Prince Charming Ribbon

Mermaid Tail Ribbon

Spot On Ribbon

Bat Girl Ribbon

Baby Disney Ribbon

Everything is a Celebration Ribbon

Where fashion & creativity meet...

A girl has to have a little fun by living a dream... That’s the concept of my mini boutique.


Bold Leopard $6

These are fun, fashionable and fuzzy. They are lightweight, making them comfortable.


Sleek Leopard $6

A classy, comfortable earring that is sleek with a little pop of fur to make it fun.


Night Out $6

These sparkly earrings are simple, elegant and stunning all wrapped into one.


Beach Dreams $6

Petite with a little sparkle for those of us who are always dreaming of sand between our toes and the sound of ocean waves.


Sparkly G Inspired $10

A classy statement.


Gold Chain Link or Gold Pearl Mask Lanyards $5

Prior to 2020, none of us had ever heard of a mask lanyard. They’ve now become a necessity-not only are they functional, but now they’re adorable too.


C Inspired Brooch $12

Gold and pearls make this designer inspired brooch both classy and a classic.


Classic Tartan Scarf $25

This large tartan scarf is extra soft and luxurious.


LV Inspired Scarf $34

This black and tan LV inspired scarf is large, extra soft and luxurious.


H Inspired Scarf $34

This large black and tan H scarf is ultra soft and luxurious.


H Inspired Scarf $34

This large pink and grey H inspired scarf is ultra soft and luxurious.

My Top Dental Picks

Worth checking out!

Since I’m also a Dental Hygienist,
I wanted to share some of my favorite products with you. 🦷

Cocofloss! 🦷

The scents of this floss make flossing SO MUCH for fun. I ❤️ the texture this floss provides to disrupt the biofilm that causes gum disease. Use my code REGINARDH20 for 20% off! 🪥🛍

The Sonicare is my favorite toothbrush 🪥

While this is pricey, it is a high-end toothbrush that gives you a superior clean. It has multiple settings, a quadra spacer to help you to focus on one quadrant of your mouth at a time and the ever important 2 minute timer!

This is an investment in your health! 🦷

The Fairywill Electric Toothbrush 🪥

I have had so many patients who have begun using this toothbrush that I had to check it out for myself! While the Sonicare gives a superior clean, this toothbrush does a great job and has all of the high-end features at a fraction of the cost.

Linhart Whitening Gel & Manual Toothbrush

I’ve been impressed with Linhart’s Whitening Gel-you add a drop with your regular toothbrush and it helps to whiten your teeth easily on a daily basis.

While I love the electric toothbrush, this is my favorite manual toothbrush. The bristles are extra soft (which is important so we don’t brush our gums away) and the bristles are very thin at the tip, which allows for the bristles to clean gently under the gums when the toothbrush is angled along the gum line.

Worth checking out and they offer specials often!

Oral Breeze Water Flosser 🦷

I LOVE this water flosser! While flossing is still important, this is an absolutely wonderful tool to have and it’s reasonably priced!

Some of the reasons I love this compared to other water flossers is that it attaches to the water source so you have unlimited water, you can adjust the pressure and temperature. I especially love the shower unit as it keeps the mess in the shower and you never forget to do it because it’s right in front of you when you take a shower!

Highly recommend this as it is an important, inexpensive investment in your health!

Colgate Optic White Rinse 🦷

This is a daily essential for me. I’ve been using it each morning for a few years. While I still use custom whitening trays 2-3 times a year, this helps to keep my teeth bright. I use it in the morning as it helps to seal out surface stains as well as whiten. 🦷