Scrubs and Butters By INSPIRED!

Creating Memorable Ispirations

My Name is Lisa Williams, I am an entrepreneur and Creator of Scrubs and Butters By INSPIRED! I came up with the Name after having several Dreams and Visions of myself making Body Butters and Then shortly after, Sugar Scrubs.

It's important to Me to create Quality Products that will Bring A Good Feeling to Those who Purchase and Use My Sugar Scrubs and Body Butters.

My products are made with all natural ingredients, they are vegan and cruelty free. Some of the ingredients you will experience are coconut and Vitamin E oils which are good in reducing inflammation and healing dry skin.

Ordering Is Easy —

Email: [email protected] Business Number: 240-848-7209

My Top Picks

A Few Of My Favorites and Recommendations!

These are Just a Few of My Favorite and Popular Scents, They are Available in Sugar Scrubs and Body Butters!

Mango Sugar Scrub

This Sugar Scrub is as Luscious as it Sounds! This and all of my Sugar Scrubs are Excellent for Exfoliating and removing dead skin, while revitalizing and moisturizing!

Cotton Candy Anyone?!

This Body Butter Smells Good Enough to Eat, But Please Dont! 😉 My Body Butters are Excellent for Moisturizing and Smoothing your Skin and Can Also be Used In Hair. This Body Butter Will Make You Irresistible to That Significant Other!

Lavender That!

If you are in Need of Relaxation and Unwinding, Then This Is The Fragrance. Lavender is known for relieving anxiety, reducing stress and promoting Sleep and Calmness! This can be used while bathing, soothing tired feet or exfoliating hands!