welcome to sctulip/mels website!

here, you will learn my tips and tricks of being an fp!

this card will include information like :
• colouring tutorials
• my fanpage story
• bios and symbols
and many other awesome things! <3

my tiktok acc :

Font pack

on this page you will find a lot of the fonts you may need!

candy shop, garlic salt, winkle (i write it in all caps), social shapes, uimockup, walkaway bonus, starborn, another monday, soopa fresh, fcoflares, flowergirl, bouncy!, cheri, the beauty, sancho panza, pandb, nature pro, goldie boxing, disney family 1, fb nyan, butterflies, blacklisted, millennial solstice, organic brand, care around dingbats, all things cat, manolete, summer coast extra, ✿ ✿ ✿ (copy and paste that), i love the 80s, easy skyline, kameradings, hawaiian icons, atman, summer lover dingbat, summer coast extra, coffee icons, fairy tale, hibiscus, summer icons, kg flavor and frames three, holland dingbats, cute icons, sea life, astrokids doodles, djb doodled bits, uncle house extra, kfon !

sctulip’s december colouring

here I will be talking about my colouring and where you can find it!

hii ! so the owner of the current colouring I am using (cubscr) has told people not to make tutorials of her colouring! I do respect that so there will be no tutorial of my current colouring but a couple people you can get it from are @sunkinshelp_ , @col0uringhelp , or you can use @cubscr.colouredvids videos!