Our Story

LA Seafood Direct owners in North Hollywood, California, Andy and Leriza Reyes, have always dreamed of opening a Seafood Shop to the public. For almost two decades, the couple has taken pride in providing the finest quality of Seafood to high-end restaurants and hotels around Los Angeles. Sadly, in September of 2020, Leriza grieved the loss of her husband. To honor and pay tribute to Andy, she decided to continue to pursue their dream to open a retail seafood shop. Hence, Leriza created and designed the concept of The Seafood Shop Gourmet & Charcuterie.

Leriza's creativity in art and unique taste is shown and expressed in her shop: from the front show window cases to the inside of it, you will witness the masterpiece design she has created.

The Seafood Shop Gourmet & Charcuterie offers exceptional Seafood such as Branzino, Faroe Salmon, Langoustine, Uni, Roes, and Caviar. We also offer smoked fish, cured meats, and various products worldwide, especially for charcuteries and pasta!

Our Menu —

Faroe Salmon

Our Faroe Salmon comes from the Faroe Island in Norway; this is our best-selling seafood because of its high quality & deliciousness!

Roe Caviar

Our special products consist of a variety of options but our Caviar is the best & most popular! From Keluga, Salmon, Paddlefish, Royal Daurenki, & Tzar Imperial Ossetra!