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'Malaysian-Chinese Aussie living in Singapore' consultant helping people reach their goals and dreams through a global business and personal development

Love helping people with their health, wellness and skincare

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Daily Regimen

what do you do daily that helps your get better...?

Read my Goals

What keeps you motivated?

Reading my goal twice a day keeps me in check and why I do what I need to do (even if I don't want to)

Physical Activity

Everyone knows that exercise is good for you...

I like to do a variety: gym classes, HIIT, dance, rock climbing, hikes, reformer, boxing, casual jogs and walks

Keep it interesting for you!

Drink a Vitamins 'Cocktail'

Have my daily 'cocktail' of vitamins - it doesn't only helps me get my energy but it tastes great too! People need a coffee in the morning, but I choose an alternative that is less costly and healthier!

I prefer to prevent than to cure an illness, which is better to start earlier than when I do fall sick

Daily Devotions

For me, I got to spend some of my time reading the Bible and getting ready for the day. I know not everyone needs or wants to, but it works for me

Skincare - Day & Night

It's a must! The skin is the body's biggest organ and I want to stay looking young and healthy as possible.

Day: Ensure my face is cleansed, fresh and ready to go. Don't forget sunscreen (even if you work from home)!

Night: I do a little more at night because it's when people are less likely to see me. Therefore, I use a few more thicker products and serums to really target my skin concerns.