🦩 β€” s e a s i d e s c r

🌡 β€” h e y !

🏝 β€” hii! i’m amelia, you might know me as seasidescr on tiktok ! before i start, please make sure to give theme credits to @florsunkies and colouring credits to @moanascr ! x

πŸ₯‚ β€” enjoy!

signed with love ,

s e a s i d e s c r

πŸ– β€” s e a s i d e s c r

🍍 β€” f o n t s

🐬 β€” here are the fonts i use in my theme :

β€” all season ornaments
β€” beachday
β€” cocogoose
β€” garlic salt
β€” gogono cocoa mochi
β€” holland dingbats
β€” organic brand
β€” sea life
β€” summer coast
β€” summer coast extra
β€” summer icons
β€” summer lovers dingbat
β€” vividly regular

β˜€οΈ β€” and some other fonts that are currently trending because i’m feeling generous !

β€” 04b 30
β€” austhina
β€” ham is cute
β€” hawaiian icons
β€” hbm serenity ( symbolism )
β€” hey comic
β€” kg happy
β€” milla cilla
β€” pastel skies
β€” pretty girls script
β€” tentang nanti
β€” vallentina

πŸ₯‚ β€” enjoy !

signed with love:

s e a s i d e s c r

🐬 β€” s e a s i d e s c r

β˜€οΈ β€” c o l o u r i n g

🏝 β€” here is my colouring tutorial! please give credits to moanascr, ty <3

apps needed :

first app ( 24fps )

import the qr code aurora, unfortunately i no longer have the qr code but if you search for it i’m sure someone on tiktok has it !

second app ( prequel )


exposure : - 25
contrast : - 25
highlights : - 25
shadows : - 25
you can add blur if you want, but i don’t


vapor at 30%

* add your theme before you do the final step below *

final app ( colourtone )

add the filter β€˜ marble ’ at 75 %

πŸ₯‚ β€” enjoy !

signed with love

s e a s i d e s c r

πŸ‘’ β€” s e a s i d e s c r

🌊 β€” f i l l e r s

🌺 β€” some username fillers!

β€” seaside
β€” surfer
β€” coastal
β€” wave
β€” palm
β€” beachy
β€” cactus
β€” starbies
β€” shaded
β€” citrus
β€” ocean
β€” fruity
β€” coconut
β€” island
β€” dolphin
β€” flamingo
β€” aloha
β€” lush
β€” tropic
β€” aloe
β€” aqua
β€” coral
β€” sandy
β€” starred
β€” horizon
— açai
β€” bubbles
β€” arcade
β€” sunshine
β€” hibiscus
β€” smoothie
β€” vacay
β€” polaroid
β€” springs
β€” fishies
β€” turtle
β€” hawaiian
β€” slushy
β€” nemo
β€” pineapple
β€” popsicles
β€” magic
β€” kiwi
β€” berry
β€” floatie
β€” mango