Money on autopilot, SAY WHAT!

Learn how I’ve tripled my money in 8 weeks and am turning 300USD into 100,000USD without using any more of my own money

💰 Bitcoin & Forex Investor

What if you could tap in to the trillion dollar forex market without actually knowing how to trade?!

I grew my forex trade portfolio from USD$300 to USD$1000 in just 8weeks and I’ve never placed a trade myself!

I’d always wanted to invest my money but had no idea where to start and I wanted some kind of security with my money.
I was over the rat race of other plan Bs, and that’s when CashFX kind of just fell into my lap.
Ask and you shall receive!
A small rundown:
I’ve invested a small amount of 300USD into cashFX where pro traders trade my money for me. I just get to sit back and watch my money grow.

My money is traded until it is doubled which is where I felt some kind of security with my money.


I leverage a platform called CashFX and doing so means that Pro Traders trade my money for me 5 days a week.

We’re currently seeing 5-6% per week returns (compare that to what you get at a bank!)

This is something that you can start small with (lowest pack is USD$300) and grow from there.
In fact, if you watch the video below I’ve broken down how you can start with $300 and in 51 months be trading a $100K pack!

The returns you’re looking at when you have a $100K pack is around USD$4000 per week - LIFE CHANGING.

This is true automation, true time freedom, true abundance.

Watch the video below to get a quick overview about what’s possible here, and if you’re ready to get started follow on to the next steps!


Find out some more on CFX and the power we are creating here


Use these instructions to get started with CashFX if in New Zealand.
You'll set up a Bitcoin wallet and set up your first account with CashFX.


Use instructions to get started if you're in Australia. You'll set up a Coinspot wallet and set your first account with CashFX.


1. Click on CashFX link below and register your CashFX account.
2. Purchase your first CashFX pack by following the ourchase steps in your CashFX account.


Tell the world what you’re made of and live within your Souls Blueprint

A unique space where all humans get to Connect all 4 Hearts within themselves on the highest level to find their Souls Blueprint for this life using different holistic approaches to clear pathways which are stopping each individual from reaching their full potential and break away from PAIN and PRESSURE to come back to a state of EASE and FLOW

Offering a variety of services to help serve each individual in unique way one person at a time

ConTact C.A.R.E
Reiki & Angel Healing
Holistic Healing
Spiritual Coaching

ConTact C.A.R.E

Accept what is and see the good….

What is ContactCare?
ConTact C.A.R.E, Flintlock, release is a form of practical healthcare. It offers a common sense approach to real ease. It is a system to locate and release, trapped bone pressure, triggered, and held by surprise impact combinations.

How does it work?
ConTact C.A.R.E works by locating and releasing pressure, trapped at a skeletal level, these trapped states keep pressure on your body, preventing the body from healing and functioning correctly.

Typically, your first session will involve getting your body to drain and regulate internal pressure correctly. With the following treatments working deeper to the true cause of your discomfit and cause.

The body keeps the score. Everyone is their own version of everything that has ever happened. We all have a unique history of impact events throughout our life. ConTact C.A.R.E releases the locks and the body starts healing and functioning better.

Treatments are pain-free. We move away from pain in towards comfort making it comfortable and safe for all ages.