the secret planning society

it started with two best friends talking about their love of planning during a nice lunch.

for me, the planning community has always felt like a secret cool club for those of us who love all things stickers, pens, notebooks and everything that has to do with stationery. the secret planning society is a place where you can be who you are without judgement, where you can meet fellow planners who understand why you’re obsessed with the spread you’ve just created or why you need to buy all the newest stick books; a place to appreciate and embrace your love of all things planning.

dashboard layout spreads

monthly layout spreads

disney spreads

happy planner hauls

about me

hey planner buddy!
my name is amaris, but i like to go by ami and i’m from miami florida. i’ve been a happy planner since april 2019, but i’ve been a planner my whole life. i am a very functional planner, sometimes minimalist and sometimes very decorative! i prefer the dashboard layout planner and i love memory planning, as well as budget planning. i started the secret planning society as a way for me to share my love of planning with other people who also love it! i love to take naps, cuddle with my dog, and take lots of trips to disney!