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My name is sel, And I’m a Virtual Assistant based on Big Island, Hawaii.

I support Creators and coaches with VA services to support their workload and help take excessive work off their hands.

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Ever since I could remember I loved creating. Whether it’s for myself or others. Art has been a outlet for me since a very young age. Coming across being a Virtual Assistant gives me the opportunity to pour my heart out and help other creators do what they love.

I’ve been photographing for almost 5 years now and have gained a love for writing in the process of my journey.
I recently launched my first blog, “The Comfort Zone” based on LGBTQ+, Mental Health Awareness and my journey as an artist.

When I first began creating I had a lot of self doubt amongst my shoulders, not believing my work was good enough. Not doing enough and feeling guilted by my inner ego. Now being almost 21, I have realized my worth as a creator and I want to share my abilities with you and those around me.

Being a business owner, artist, and/or creator of any kind, we can sometimes feel overwhelming emotions and self doubt. I want to help you gather your confidence and give you that free time by working together and doing what we do best, creating.

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