I am from the Marshall Islands 🇲🇭 but i was born & raised on Guam 🇬🇺

I am 22 yrs old & i am a mother of 1 beautiful daughter❤️✨

I just partnered with a 6 year old billion dollar company & i didnt quite think i'd actually find interest in it but looky here. i love how i have the oppotunity to work from home & straight from my phone📲 I also love how i can still pay attention to my daughter & having to work on my own time but actually lay back & just work😂 But most importantly, the opportunity to meet new people & connect with them✨ I didnt think i'd be making contact with people all over the world yet here i am, joining a team and getting out of my comfort zone & slowly connecting with everyone🌍 By far, i do love the most💯 I mean, I havent even received my package yet but i still had the oppotunity to meet everyone on the team❤️ All so welcoming & so helpful🙌🏼 But thats not all folks, have you heard the PERKS ? I get paid 5X a month, 10 ways to get paid, FREE car program, FRE TRIPS, sisterhood/awesome community, work around your family in the comfort of your home🤑 its everything i ever imagined. Now im gonna motivate myself every single day & take myself to the top with the help of my amazing team💯