Hi there, my name is Claire. Welcome to my page! My goal is to make a difference in other people's lives as well as my own. I really hope I can help. Enjoy my website.


What is ecotherapy and how does it affect us?

When I'm having a bad day or if it is just one of those days, I use ecotherapy; healing through a connection with the earth and nature which means to heal mind and body. I know there are other types of words to describe this but ecotherapy has a nice ring to it which I like.

It has been said that anxiety and stress are reduced with some green therapy. Also mood and self-esteem are lifted up as well and symptoms of having depression of all kinds are also lowered.

One thing I have changed is that I'm spending more time outside going on road trips to explore more.
Going out for some fresh air to clear your head is all part of healing and what nature and outdoors can do.

When you're in a natural area or surrounding like the woods for example, spend time being mindful of using your senses. Smell the fresh cut grass, the flowers or hear the trees swaying from side to side. Listen to the sound of the background noises being made; birds chirping. Be mindful of the sense of touch, the breeze going against your skin, the texture of the petals of the flowers and leaves.

Social Media Detox: How to make your feel a happy place. For example, most of us have friends on there from years gone by, ex-coworkers, ex partners; people who dont deserve to have access to our personal life anymore.
Now it's time to do a bit of a cleaning streak and set some boundaries. If you feel as if you can't post about your interests, your life or your opinions without being harassed or feel ashamed by people on your friends list if you feel like they are judging you then they shouldn't have access to your profile. GET RID.
If you have people online who you wish you could just press that block button but you don't want to cause any drama or upset them; you can easily mute or restrict them from seeing certain posts.
Make a close friends list: This allows got to continue paying on social media but only the people you like will be able to see your updates.

Celebrities: Why do you follow them? Maybe you're inspired of how they do their makeup, how they dress or even if they teach you new things. Do these influencers improve your life or make make you feel unhappy about yourself? Remove anyone who makes you feel any less about yourself. This is your online socials. You don't need people and influencers to make you feel insecure about yourself.