A little about me 🤍

Hi! I’m Melissa. I’m a proud Mom of three (ages 14, 7, and 5 - we clearly need updated family photos), wife to a wonderful man, and a fur baby Mom to two dogs and a cat.

On top of being a stay-at-home-mom, I own and operate a home daycare, and run an online clean beauty business helping people transform their hair and skin with naturally-based, vegan, cruelty free products.

I am a huge advocate for self care, mental health, and supporting small businesses. I have started sharing my story, which touches on each of these things, in hopes to inspire and help others who may be struggling like I was (and sometimes still do). If you ever need a listening ear or have questions about my story, I am always just a message away.

Swipe left to see my top healthy hair and skin tips, and don’t forget to do a consultation for a personalized recommendation or to chat more about working with me.

Healthy Hair Tips

My top tips for healthy hair!

Use naturally-based clean products

It takes 26 seconds for your scalp to absorb chemicals and toxins from the products you use in your hair, and it is scary how many awful things are commonly used (and permitted) in drugstore shampoos and conditioners including known carcinogens. As if this isn’t bad enough, the oils, waxes, and fillers used in these products coat your hair to make it APPEAR healthy and shiny but do not actually make it healthy. In fact, it severely hinders the health of your hair, weighs it down, and changes how your hair feels. Using clean products to remove all of that buildup allows your hair to begin restoring back to its naturally healthy state.

Brush gently and use a wet brush

Hair stretches up to 30% more when wet, so a regular brush and brushing too rough can cause hair to snap. A wet brush is designed to prevent tugging, pulling, ripping and damage that can cause split ends, breakage, and hair loss. With your wet brush, brush slowly starting at the ends and work your way up to the roots.

Use heat protectant and low heat

Nothing damages your hair more than frying it with high temperatures. Our products remove buildup and don’t cause buildup, which means heat no longer needs to penetrate layers of built up product to style your hair. Use a clean heat protectant and keep that heat low.

Switch to silk or satin pillow case

Traditional cotton pillow cases not only cause friction on your hair from movement during sleep, but it also robs your hair (and skin) from moisture that it needs. Switching these out for satin/silk pillow cases significantly reduces that friction, and they don’t absorb moisture. Check out my skin tips for how this also benefits your skin!

Weekly scalp oil treatment (with the right oil)

In order to have healthy hair you need to ensure you have a healthy scalp. Your scalp ages faster than any other part of your skin... let that sink in. So nourishing your scalp and using anti-aging hair care (there’s only one company in the world that has this right now by the way 🙋🏼‍♀️) is one of the BEST things you can do to keep your hair healthy.

Healthy Skin Tips

My top tips for healthy skin!

Use naturally-based clean products

Anything we put on our skin gets absorbed into the blood stream and transported all throughout your body, so using clean products that are not full of harmful toxins and chemicals is a no brainer for ANY products we use. Our ingredients are naturally-based, vegan, and high quality, and our products are clinically proven to work.

Use sun protection daily

Sun damage causes uneven skin tone, can accelerate signs of aging, and can cause skin cancer. Your face is the most frequently exposed skin, so it’s essential that you give it the protection it needs to prevent damage.

Switch to silk or satin pillow case

Traditional cotton pillow cases not only rob your skin of its much needed moisture, they also cause lots of friction and tugging on your skin resulting in wrinkles. By switching to silk or satin (much smoother surface), your skin retains more of its moisture and natural oils, and it’s tugged and pulled less meaning less wrinkles (yay)!

Cleanse twice each time you wash your face (and wash your hands first)

Wash your hands before you cleanse your face to remove any dirt and grime from your hands, then cleanse your face twice. The first cleanse removes any oils, dirt and grime from the day, and then the second cleanse actually cleanses your skin and pores. Having properly cleansed skin before you start the rest of your skincare routine can make or break how effective your products will work for you; if they can’t properly get to your skin to do their job then they’re not going to work!

I find it, & if I love it I share it!

Amazon Faves 🤍

I am a bit of an Amazon addict.. and since many of you ask me to share my finds I figured this was the best way to do so!

Hello Kid’s Natural, Vegan Toothpaste

Vegan, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavours, sodium lauryl sulfate free, and leaping bunny certified; a brand I trust is safe for my kids!

Raising a Secure Child (book)