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Self-Care Yourself

I’ve changed the content of my this website a few times recently. Letting self doubt, anxiety and the thoughts of others get in my way and stop me from things that could be good for me

Living with COVID-19, isolation and the stressors of work have been extremely difficult for everyone and I want to share some things that help me cope with this new way of life

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Be kind to your mind

As someone that suffers with anxiety I have become a huge advocate for mental health awareness.
I listed a few things I’ve been using that have helped me to manage my emotions, keep myself on task and set positive intentions for everyday.

Five Elements of Self Care

Activities and exercises that help you find meaning to your emotions, support your personal growth, helps you create healthy boundaries, and feeling emotionally grounded.

Community Care

One way to make ourselves feel better is to do things for others. Creative Generosity: Finding fun ways of being generous with time, effort, energy, and kindness.


The thing(s) we do to help us feel better in an especially difficult moment. Get yourself some fresh flowers, take a bubble bath or hot shower, going out in nature, or reading something encouraging.


Get your artistic and expressive energy flowing. Doodling, coloring, painting, crafts, 2-minute dance parties. Click for fun Mood-Boosting activities.


Going for a walk, run, some stretching, just getting your body moving can make you feel so much better. Exercise has be proven to improve and boost your energy, mood, sleep and focus. Take an exercise break during your day!

I use the Nike Training App that is full of different kinds of workouts!
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Get to know your own mind. Care for your body and mind. Eat. Hydrate. Move. Sleep. Take a breath break. Sit in a relaxed position in a quiet space and close your eyes. Inhale for 5 sec, hold for 5 sec, then exhale for 5 sec; repeat for 2 min. You will leave that moment feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready to conquer the rest your day.