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Welcome to the Self-Love Spatay Club!

This group is for weekly live parties, giveaways, tips, self-care, deals, and fun…run by a team of Posh consultants! We want to help you fall in love with self-care!

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We are SO happy to have you here and can’t wait to get you pampered! 💗

About Me

Your Pamper Gal for Unaplogetic Self-Care

Hello! My name is Alicia Guess and I’m a Perfectly Posh consultant. I’m so excited to share with you all!

A bit about me:

💗I’m a self-care fan. I’ll always be here to remind you that you deserve to be pampered! I believe that self-care isn’t selfish. Self-care is productive.
💗I’m a mom of 2 boys under 4 (hence the need for self-care…can you relate?!?)
💗I’m a high school Spanish teacher…this is my 12th year of teaching!
💗I love to workout…mainly because I love a good challenge and I love to eat!
💗I have a travelers heart 🧳 . Traveling is my happy place. I went to Jamaica with Posh and can’t wait to see where I’ll go next! I love meeting new people and learning about culture. I love making new friends, so make sure to say hi! I’m an open book.

I started using Posh a year ago and have fallen madly in love with the company - the products, the values, and my Posh family. I joined as a consultant in November and have nothing but the best things to say about my experience.

Posh is so important to me because I know from experience how easy it is to take care of everyone else while putting your own needs last. Posh has been my reminder to take care of myself, even if it is just two minutes to rest and recharge to be the best version of me. As your Posh gal, my goal is to remind you that you are worthy of pampering, so take a second and take care of YOU. You can’t pour from an empty cup! Let me pamper you - because you deserve it! 💗

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What is Posh?

Unapologetic self-care for everyone!

Posh offers high quality, affordable, and fun skin care and spa products that are profoundly pampering.
🌱We use naturally based and clean ingredients (nothing over a 4 on the EWG scale).
🚫no parabens, parafins, sulfates, phthalates, fillers, or bad stuff
🐰cruelty free and Leaping Bunny Certified
🇺🇸made in USA
🛍Buy 5 Get 1 Free with code B5G1

My Favorite Things

I have many, many Posh products that I use regularly and love, but wanted to highlight some of my faves!

The Healer Stick

The Healer Skin Stick was the first Posh ever made and it has been around since the beginning because it’s amazing! It is so versatile and it’s one that everyone (gals, guys, kids) will love.

The Healer stick is a shea butter stick loaded with vitamin A, E, and C. It’s created to moisturize, heal, and pamper on the go.

But it’s so much more that that! I love that you can have it in your purse, car, diaper bag, travel bag, bathroom, kids room/backpack for every day use. I keep one on my nightstand and one in my purse! I use it multiple times throughout the day 😊 I also recently had surgery and I’ve been using this to help with the scars.

Here’s just a FEW of the ways you can use our Healer stick:

🚑Dry Skin


🚑Chapped Lips

🚑Diaper Rash


🚑Stretch Marks

🚑Bug Bites

🚑Minor Cuts


🚑Sunburns / Mild Burns

🚑Dry Elbows

Buzz Peel Body Resurfacing Gel

Buzz Peel is an exfoliant gel that is incredibly gentle and does not hurt at all. It will resurface your skin without the discomfort and irritation of a foot file/grater, leaving your skin smoother and softer than its ever been! Perfect for feet, bumpy arms, knees, elbows and any other dry spot! Super easy to use…just rub gel in gentle circles over dry skin and watch dead skin go away!

Here's the science behind it:

💛Fermented honey is rich in gluconic acid that promotes skin renewal

💛The fermented honey acts like glue, catching dead skin cells off the surface

💛Pomegranate enzymes work with AHAs to exfoliate skin, keeping it looking younger and brighter

💛Strong humectant that draws moisture into skin to keep it soothed, conditioned, and soft.

I’ve personally always suffered from deep cracks in my heels and unsightly feet (former ballet dancer here!). I’ve been using this regularly in combo with the healer stick and OH MY GOODNESS. My heels are almost normal!

Love this stuff! It’s way more comfortable than the old pedicure pumice stone or grater 😝

Eggsactly Right

I ADORE Eggsactly Right probiotic facewash! This Facewash is ideal for sensitive, dry, or mature skin. This has amazing ingredients like milk and eggs, and a blend of unique probiotics that work to restore the skin condition while washing away the harmful toxins that irritate and sensitize skin. It builds up skin's own natural defense, relieving redness, dryness and inflammation and balancing the skin barrier for an overall healthier skin condition. And it has the MOST AMAZING SMELL...Clean amber, sandalwood, and citrus. And I love that you really only need a pea sized amount to get a lovely, rich lather! 😍

Seriously, I caught my husband stealing this stuff from me because I smelled his face, went “ahhhh!”, then said, “Wait! I know that smell! Are you using my face wash!!!?!” Don’t worry, I share now 😉

Very Sleepy Mask

This one is perfect for dry, sensitive skin and anyone who needs to de-stress at the end of a long day. It is an overnight face mask, so it works its magic by soothing and soaking into skin while you sleep. It features lavender and melatonin to calm your senses and skin and it has a shimmery iridescent glow when you put it on! This soaks in overnight and you will wake up feeling refreshed with lovely, renewed skin! I adore the scent of this one…lavender and orange!

Call It Even

What’s my first Posh love? It smells like subtle apple and hibiscus and leaves you with a smooth, glossy complexion. 😍

Call It Even 1-Minute Microdermabrasion is amazing! There isn’t any reason to spend $100+ at the spa now for Microderm when you can do it at home every week. My face has never been softer, glossier or smoother than this.

Microderm is an amazing way to help reduce fine lines, buff away dullness, and helps with dark spots.

Here’s a few things to love about it:

💕It only takes 1 minute to get a gleaming, glassy complexion

💕Rapidly exfoliates skin in two ways: physical exfoliation as you scrub with sea salt crystals, as well as enzymatic exfoliation from pomegranates to get rid of dead skin cells and reveal a brighter, more youthful looking complexion instantly

💕All the benefits of a spa microdermabrasion treatment without the redness, peeling, irritation, or downtime

💕Only $26 for many uses!

💕Poshbiotics balance and soothe skin as you rinse with water to help it recover instantly after treatment

💕A blend of nourishing oils replenish and nourish skin during use to reduce redness and irritation, leaving skin baby soft

💕Good for all skin types, even sensitive skin, if used directly on wet skin

You have to treat yourself to this one if your face needs some love. It’s incredible!!!

Watts Up Brightening Eye Creme

New obsession!

Who has bags for days under their eyes? Fellow mombies…this is for you!

I LOVE this brightening eye creme. It uses caffeine to tighten and brighten and has Hyaluronic acid and squalane to moisturize and make your skin nice and supple. Noticeable difference within minutes. I seriously love this one!

My friend’s husband even noticed that she “had done something different” with her face! When a man notices without prompting…you know it’s working!

Product Overview

Scroll down to see an overview of what Posh has to offer! Want to know more? Message me or follow the shopping links to see detailed product descriptions.

A great place to start! Try this bundle of 3 bestselling products. Pick your flavors and scents!

This age defying bundle is a great skincare routine to combat and prevent those fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.

Lots of us could use more balance in our lives, especially where our skin is concerned. Balance the look of your skin and the ease of your routine with this beautifully balanced bundle.

Not everyone needs or wants a 12-step program for their daily skincare regime. This bundle features a collection of vegan products that help effortlessly maintain gorgeous looking skin.

For skin that has areas of dryness and oily zones. Prone to blackheads.

For sensitive skin that often feels dry, itchy, or irritated.

Our facial cleansers and exfoliation options

Face Moisturizers

Posh has great options for pampering face masks

No more dry hands! Our hand cremes use apricot kernel oil for luxurious moisture without the greasy feeling! Our specialty hand cremes pack in extra pampering! Beeautiful has manuka honey to restore irritated skin and Free Hand uses CBD to calm and soothe.

Cleanse with a giant bath bar or body wash!

Exfoliate your body and say goodbye to dry skin!

Pamper your lips!

Moisturize your body!

Pamper your sleep for a more restful night!

Pamper your feet

CBD Pampering. All of our CBD products use high quality, full spectrum CBD.

Spooky Posh

Check out our spooky posh collection! Available while supplies last!

Spooky Posh

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Hosting is easy! Introduce me to 5-10 girlfriends and gather in the Self Love Club live Spatay! Spatays run every Tuesday at 8:30 pm EST and are super fun virtual events with prizes!

Book tonight off of your friend’s party and both you and your current hostess get a gift! Plus, I’m sure your friend will be excited to keep the party going and come support your party next!

Hostesses get sample swag bags to try products and share reviews with their friends. Your guests will have the opportunity to try samples as well!

If your friends choose to buy, you earn hostess reward credits and free exclusive products through Posh!

Who’s ready to have some fun and earn free pampering?

Join the team!

Have you ever thought about doing what I do? We are always looking for new people to teach and train in what we do!

If you would like more information about joining the team, message me! I promise I will never spam you or pressure you, I just want to provide you with the same information that I received to help me make the best decision for me!

Posh is great for:
💜people who want a discount and a way to fund their own pamper habits
💜business builders who want to grow
💜people who want to share the pampering they love with family and friends
💜people looking for a community of friends and strong women who will become your family

➡️20-40% commission on all orders, even your own
➡️instant commission (paid within 5 minutes of order)
➡️no quotas
➡️no hidden fees or monthly fees - just your join kit and $10 annual renewal fee
➡️two join kits ($35 kit or $105 kit)
➡️great training and resources
➡️ability to use the self love club spa team party page
➡️incentive trips and bonuses

💗The best Home Office anyone could ask for. They are genuine, kind, caring people who I have personally met.

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