Welcome to my website for Self Love

This is for girls who are feeling insecure and have low confidence. This website will help you improve on how to love yourself the way you are.

Down below i have 3 tips on how to help you have Self Love. I hope you guys know you all are beautiful and the way you look doesn’t define your beauty.

Making time for yourself

Making time for yourself can help improve your attitude,and help take your mind off of things. For example making time to hang out with friends or do a activity.

Worry about the future

Holding on to the past is something that a lot of people do but if we hold on to the past how are we gonna focus on the future and whats going on in the present. A tip is to not forget the past but let go from the past and start a new chapter in your life.

Being nice to yourself

Being nice to your self meaning eating good staying healthy. As well as going on walks and exercise can help improve a lot on helping your body and showing how you care.

Things to do to calm your mind........

• Read a book
Find a comfy place to read and this will really be calming
• Going on a walk or going out side in general
Looking up at the sky and feeling the air will just help calm you down and maybe taking a close friend as well
• Exercise
Doing a exercise will help your body as well as having something to do and get your mind off of something that is bothering you and just getting away
• Cleaning your room
Cleaning your room and putting on a Netflix show is really relaxing because your so focused on cleaning and your so relaxed and comfortable and also you can have a nice clean room

Ways to practice self love ❤️

1. Read a book
2. Practice mindful meditation
3. Make a list of things you are great full for
4. Do something small that you love to do
5. Hangout with a loved one
6. Appreciate the little things
7. Give your self NO screen time
8. Go for a walk
9. Clean
11.make a todo list

What will i be doing on this website?

I will be posting helpful tips and things to do to help boost up your self esteem and help you love your self


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