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Some Info First

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Jupiter is not too far from Earth. Only 669,780,000 kilometres away. It’s the perfect planet, the 5th planet from the Sun. The closest planet to Jupiter is Mars which is 550,390,000 kilometres away.

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Jupiter’s atmosphere is made mostly from hydrogen and helium gas, like the sun. It is mostly made of hydrogen and helium, with traces of other gases. The cool part is you don’t need to waste your energy and stand! Jupiter’s orbital period is about 12 years and its rotational period is 9.84 hours. Jupiter is 1.898e26 kg!

Oh yeah!

Swim through, don’t stand

Good thing is, you don’t even need to stand up! Don’t waste your energy, you can float and swim through Jupiter! Plus, you’ll have 79 moons! Plenty for your guests. Now that’s what I call cool!


Literally swim

There’s a dolphin


And that’s only four of them

Jupiter has 79 known moons! While....... Earth only has 1. Think of how many guests you could invite to the mainland and to the moons. Ganymede, Jupiter’s biggest moon is almost half the size of Earth!

Story time!

Some stories about Jupiter

Jupiter is the king of gods in Roman mythology. He was the god of sky and thunder. According to ancient Roman myths, when Saturn, their father, died, the boys-Jupiter Neptune and Pluto- divided the world up between themselves. Jupiter took all the heavens.

Space missions to Jupiter

Have space missions been to Jupiter?

There have been 9 missions to Jupiter. Some of them include Cassini, Ullyses and Voyager 1. They flew by but didn’t land. If you make the great decision to buy Jupiter, you will make history!

Fun Facts

Fun Facts About Jupiter

~•Jupiter has 79 moons
~•Jupiter is the fastest spinning planet in the solar system
~•Jupiter’s magnetic field is 14 times stronger than Earth’s magnetic field
~•Jupiter’s clouds are about 50 km thick
~•If Jupiter got any more massive, it would actually get smaller. Additional mass would actually make the planet more dense, which would cause it to start pulling it in on itself.
~•People say that it rains diamonds on Jupiter! You’ll be the richest person to live!