The Artist & Group

Hi my name Is Isabel Villa, I am a artist and the owner of Experimental productions .

I create my designes using all mediums and methods, my first art show was when I was 17, I painted several old skateboard decks and sold them at a honeymoonsupply show.
I try to create using anything I can salvage or upcycle to create longer lasting eco friendly art products that will be cute and durable.

I created Experimental to help artist and vendors have a platform to showcase their work and bring more awareness to the fact we should buy locally to help combat fast fashion, single use items and overall bring back dependable, sturdy handmade products . As well as have a space where like minded people can gather and talk, my goal is to have people talking again, mingling and becoming comfortable enough to say hi to someone next to you. And lastly portion of the money and all donations go to a charity, family or people in need or our group will personally use the money to create care packages for the homeless. Each show we target a different issue and audience, some shows will be more for ceramic artists some will be for punk and metal shows and everything in between . For any questions just dm us♡