— to the one I love the most

a mini diary of all of the things that i think

January 21, 2022.

god, I meant to start this days ago for you. a shame I didn’t get to considering how cute you are when you’re absolutely losing your mind over my pictures. ones that are only for you, after all.

so let me explain what this is. it’s a diary, of sorts. one where it’s like I’m talking to you, sharing my feelings and all that other stuff. things I don’t think I can say out loud to you. things that once I decide to give this to you; you can read on your own while I cry in the corner in embarrassment.

so, I’m here with entry one. i love you, kim hongjoong. more than life itself at this rate and maybe … just maybe that’s a dangerous thing to say but you are my entire life and soul. i want to live everyday with you. i want to have our own place with let’s and getting married one day. i want all of that with you. you’re my world, Hongjoong. you’re everything I could have hoped for in the world and more. the stars led me to you. they told me that you would be the one to take care of me and make me feel like I’m safe and warm. and laying here next to you, I see that. they weren’t wrong. you’re my warmth on the coldest day. you’re the cooling decide I need when I’m at my hottest. all I need is you.

i love you so much. I’m going to stop here because I feel myself crying and I don’t need you waking up and seeing me cry.

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