Welcome Seouloft Ent.

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Hello, welcome to Seouloft Ent.
Seouloft Is an k-pop Inspired company that allows people from all ages and all genders to audition or Interview for our company.
Seouloft Ent. have many options to chose from being an trainee, an Idol, an model, or even a actor/actress.
Seouloft Ent. Is an online and In-person company but due to COVID-19 and personal issues, we will stay online for now.
At Seouloft Ent. we want everyone to be treated with respect and equal so we don’t have any controversy or anything.
This Is an k-pop Inspired company! Not a real Kpop company. Just wanted to remind everyone that!

Seouloft Ent. policy

Learn more about Seouloft Ent. policy’s

1. No racism, homophobia, transphobia, mistreatment, or bullying others, If we find out that a trainee or an Idol or even an employee under the entertainment Is involved In the following activity, they will immediately be removed from any activities under the company or will be removed from the company.

2. This label doesn’t tolerate any sorts or Koreaboo-ish, Asian fetishization, and also Asian-fishing, If you break those rules, you’ll have the fate as the first rule.

3. This label doesn’t accept any trainees or Idols from another label, If you are going to audition please leave the other label before auditioning.

4. If you break any of these rules, you will be removed from the label.

Seouloft Ent. Updates

Seouloft Ent. Updates and More !

[2/10/2021] - 8:23 AM
Hello there !
Welcome Seouloft Ent. We are an k-pop Inspired d company ! We hope to see many people support us and Join us !
[2/12/2021] - 7:30 PM
Hello there !
Seouloft Ent. First Auditions and Job Applications starts today. Fill out the form and we will get back with you soon !
[2/13/2021] - 1:50 AM
Hello there !
Just wanted to say that Seouloft Ent. made an Ko-Fi !
All donations will go towards future projects such as merchandise, mv’s, and much more !