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By using Ser7421 you are required to adhere to Discord TOS at all times and at no point are both the Owner(s) of Ser7421 or the users allowed to use this service for illegal activities.

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What is Ser7421

(any and all commands/features stated here could be subject to change)

Ser7421 is a multipurpose bot currently in development. We (the developers) have a clear goal in mind for Ser and that is to make your Discord experience as convenient as possible.

More than commands
Something we hate most about Discord bots is when they fail to work, Discord bots aren't gods so this happens but what makes it 100% worse is when the developers don't fix it. Ser doesn't have this problem. Everytime you experience an issue you or any online Admin can immediately report it to us, not a bot, not a spam email, but directly to the lead developers direct messages. We want to give you the satisfaction of getting immediate support.