This is me

The journey

I am a Wife and Mother who has embarked on a new journey in my life but this time the Star of the show is me!

Spending my entire adult life and most of my adolescents taking care of others has really come from my heart. There has been nothing more true as to who I am then helping my family. I was a young mother who worked several jobs at a time to make ends meet, working with my father in the family business until his tragic and unexpected death. Caring for my elderly grandparents after their sons unfortunate passing. Being my husband's strength and support through the stepping stones in his career. All of this while raising 3 amazing humans to grow up and be well rounded, compassionate members of society and supporting all their endeavors along the way.

This left little to no time for my passions, not to mention the lack of motivation to focus on myself even just a little bit. My self esteem was non existence, my mindset was off and quite honestly I lacked the confidence to believe in myself.

With the new found love and respect I have for myself today, I have started paving my own way!
Helping others to feel good about themselves and look great at the same time is truly such a great feeling. Whether you are using these great products or joining my team I assure you your life is about to change in the best way.