Who are we?

We are a Concierge who helps your experience of staying at a five-star hotel to be Luxurious, yet only pay at the affordable price.



Our Service

In this modern era, a fashionable and luxury life is not a strange need. We often encounter many people who travel on luxury business class airlines, living comfortably in 5 star hotels in suites, with VIP service and luxury service, yet at a cost issued by them is certainly not a little. Is there a secret?


Why are we here?

Referring to the average price of a 5-star hotel suite room in Indonesia, which ranges from over 3 million a night, it is certainly not something that most people spend a little on, yet there is a reason, we must once feel the sensation, it could be because of need, want to know, or out of curiosity to feel.
The dominant problem that we might experience is, to try this experience, we have to spend a sufficient amount of money, however we have a lot of needs that must be fulfilled.
Despite that, what if there is a service that helps them to get such service with special service but at a very affordable price?


Our Service

You will be benefitted Suites Room at a 5-star hotel with amazing facilities such as a large suite with a living room, lounge access (for breakfast, afternoon tea and evening cocktails), free premium internet access, and late check out until 4 o'clock. You will be benefitted all these facilities, not just a dream. Only by using our services which are only as low as IDR 250k/night during the promotional period, we will help you take care of everything to get an upgraded room. Just pay for the cheapest room in the standard room with our services per night, to be benefitted the Suite Room of your dreams.

About —

How does it work?

Just contact us anytime and anywhere if you need service from us, then we will provide a standard member price that is guaranteed to compete with any price plus our concierge services. We will call and confirm to the hotel if the suites room is available and can be booked for you to stay and we will contact you again if the hotel has and will provide a suite room with these facilities for you. As long as they have suites rooms, they will do their best for us to order.
The rooms to be ordered will be on behalf of our party to get these facilities, because these facilities are only limited to elite or VIP members. Please be assured, we will always coordinate with you and also give a note to the hotel that you are an additional guest and also give you a confirmation number when the room has been booked.
We will take care and process everything from booking to check-in because we have to process all matters for registration so that you will get the suites room at the cheapest price. Our goal is for you to experience the same services that VIP members always get.

Elite Status of Our Membership

Our Elite Status Eligible For You

By having the elite status, you will also get the all the benefits they offer for their elite members.
We have some Elite Status on Marriott Bonvoy, Accor Live Limitless, Hilton Honors and IHG Hotels & Resorts

Marriott Bonvoy

Marriot Bonvoy Elite Member Benefits

- Enhanced Room Upgrade
- Lounge Access
- 4 p.m Late Checkout
- Complimentary Enhanced In-Room Internet Access

IHG Hotels & Resorts

IHG Elite Member Benefits

- Guaranteed One Category Room Upgrade
- Complimentary Premium Internet
- Complimentary Mineral Water
- Guaranteed Extended 4pm Checkout
- Restaurant & Bar Credit of up to USD20 for every stay

Hilton Honors

Hilton Honors Elite Member Benefits

- Space-available Room Upgrades
- Executive Lounge Access
- Free Premium Internet Access
- Free Bottled Water
- Free Continental Breakfast

Accor Live Limitless

ALL Elite Member Benefits

- Free breakfast ( Asia Pacific)
- Early check in and late check out (anda mendapat keduanya)
- Priority Welcome
- Upgrade to a next room category subject to availability
- Premium Wi-Fi di hotel tertentu
- Access to the executive lounge (if existing)

Our Terms —

Getting benefits that can only be felt by certain groups is certainly a matter of pride, therefore we hope for good cooperation to comply with and carry out all the rules given by the hotel and from us. Because you will use the room and benefits on our behalf, we hope that you will keep our good name. Sanctions will be given if anything is done that is troubling to us. An act that is detrimental to both the hotel or to us, of course there is an action given in accordance with what is done. Taking something, stealing or doing something that is prohibited by law is strictly prohibited.