you're so old, ew

i can smell that you started growing white hairs👩🏻‍🦳

hehe bercanda. semoga lu sehatsehat teruuuss!! we gotta make it to the end of the quarantine and continue our lives so we can meet up and pursue our dreams together!!! kayanya lu udah menerima banyak wish hari ini, jadi gue cuma mau nambahin aja semoga lu bahagia selalu okaaayy!!! do what makes you happy leeee, always!! im always here whenever u need me and wherever u want me to be, im here to support u as a friend and as a cool mum😎🤙 gue support apapunnnn yang buat lo senenggg as long as it doesnt hurt anyone. untuk keputusan apapun kedepannya yang lo buatt, gua yakin sisir udah cukup dewasa untuk menghadapi itu semuaaa jadi gua doain aja semoga apapun yang lo pilih bisa jadi yang terbaik ya lee. sukses terus untuk apapun yang lo dreamt about, lo planned about, gua yakin bakal kecapaiii!!! secara gua cenayang le jadi i can see us in ten years bakal jadi orang sukses!! and i cant wait to hear your story kedepannya. sayang keluarga n kitties terus yaaahhh, titip salam buat mereka semuaaa<3 u r one of the nicest person di sekolah i just want u to know that you made me veeerryyy grateful of your existence so, keep existing yaa leeee here with me and our friends and let's rock the world togetherrrr🤟🏻🤟🏿 thank you for everything, keep being the source of sunshine for other people's day yaa and i hope you can find yours too (but in a romantic way) ahahah CERITA CERITA ONCE U GOT ONE YA😚 I feel like we don’t take pics much so WE BETTER GET ONE kalo nnt ketemu😠😠 ok that's it. my long ass paragraph but i hope u get what i mean lah yaa. have a great year, le!