Coach and lead others to create an income with a healthy living lifestyle.

Do you believe that there's a bigger purpose that God, the Universe or the Higher Power has given you behind all the work that you do? You feel called to serve, and have a burning desire to make a positive impact in the lives of others?
My ultimate goal is to help people improve their overall health through a holistic approach with high quality, cruelty free products. I am working on expanding my network and educating those who are interested in creating their own online business as a source of residual income. My passion is to help people live better and more flexible lives, both from a health and financial perspective. It is possible to achieve a healthy lifestyle and financial freedom with the right resources, and I would love to share my knowledge with you! It definitely changed my life for better!

After having a fulfilling 20 year career as a preschool teacher, which I loved every second of it, but the physical toll of working long hours on my feet or sitting on the carpet or miniature chairs with totally bad posture, had me beginning to deal with issues of chronic neck and back pain. Bad eating habits were draining me down with fatigue, digestive issues and more.
I am grateful about what I do now. Totally changed my life physically and mentally. I began to find myself with an endless supply of energy, feeling happy by being surrounded with a positive community, no more digestive issues, sleeping all through the night, and best of all I get to share it with everyone else and get paid for helping them have a healthier life.

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