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I believe that adopting a healthy lifestyle should be fun, supportive and affordable for everyone.

It doesn’t have to involve hours of cardio or expensive gym memberships. I can help you to move your body for half hour a day, eat a healthy, balanced diet and help you stay accountable.

I have workout programs to suit all abilities from beginner, if you’ve never exercised before through to advanced programs for those looking to really challenge themselves.

The variety of programs is extensive from yoga, Pilates, weight training, boxing, running, dance, body building, meditation, kids workouts, pre and post natal and much much more.

Click the link below to help me understand your fitness needs, nutrition needs and goals and I’ll get in touch with you.

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About Me

Getting To Know Me

My name is Karen. I am a wife, mum, part time office worker and online fitness coach.

I have always been physically active but since finding my love for home workout programs, where I’m able to move my body for half hour a day and eat healthy, I have noticed greater results than I ever achieved at the gym.

I started online fitness coaching as a means of keeping myself accountable, helping others adopt a healthier lifestyle and earn an extra income to make family life a little less of a financial struggle.

I turned the business opportunity down a few times before saying yes as I wrongly assumed it was a ‘pyramid scheme’. Now, my only regret is not saying yes sooner.