Hi, I’m Amyleigh, the two hands embroidering Sew Many Nudes. My mission with this project is to prove that every body is a perfectly good and gorgeous body no matter the colour, size, shape, or state.

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If you have all the info you need and you’d like to be added to waitlist to be embroidered, follow the link below x


How do I apply/order?

There is a link in my Instagram bio and you can click the link on the ‘About’ page or go to the ‘Where to Find Us’ page. This will take you to the order forms! The order forms are both first come first served waiting lists so I will be in touch with you as soon as I have space!

Why am I on a waiting list?

To make it as fair as possible, I’m working to a “first come first served” basis so you may have to wait for your order! I will always let you know when I am free to start your embroidery and you can then decide if you’d like to go ahead with it.

How much is it?

Each ‘Individual’ embroidery is £20 and each ‘Couples’ embroidery is £35. This includes UK standard shipping via Royal Mail. It accounts for my materials used, my time, and packaging to make sure your finished piece gets to you safely.

UK Tracked shipping is an additional £5 and all orders outside of the UK are £5-10 P&P tracking dependent.

Will you be selling replicas of my embroidery?

Nope! All pieces are one-off exclusively for the individual who has ordered it. The only way I will make duplicates is if that individual orders the same embroidery again!

I don’t want to be nude...

You don’t have to be! If you’d prefer to be wearing underwear, in your comfy t-shirt and pants - that’s totally fine. Sew Many Nudes is about celebrating the body and building confidence and self-love no matter how layers that body is covered in

Would you take orders for breastfeeding/pregnancy/couples pieces?

Absolutely! These are still times when you might feel confident in your own skin so I’m open to anything.

If you’d like to get a breastfeeding/pregnancy piece, please use the ‘Individual’ waiting list. If you want a couples piece, please use the ‘Couples’ waiting list

Why do you ask for ID?

I may ask for a photo of valid photo ID to prove your age if you’re a lucky devil and don’t look 18+. This is to keep both you and I safe and consenting!

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes! Head on over to our Big Cartel store and you can order electronic gift vouchers which are sent directly to the recipient’s email address