Fashion Enthusiast

My name is Fiyinfoluwa and I'm the 'name' behind SFdesigns. SFdesigns is all about helping women solve the issue of what to sew and relieving women of the stress by creating and sewing magical designs for them.

Elegant Chic

Commissioned projects

This set consists on designs illustrated for the modern day elegant woman

Black n style

When in doubt, wear black but make it stylish😉

Casual Friday

Casual isn't synonymous to boring

Style boss

Be the boss in style

Fascinator weddings

The girls didn't come to play. They came to slay!

This set consists of costume weddings and how some ladies slayed it oit

Hot in red

Blue'd away

I came, I saw and I slayed

Owambe special

Commissioned projects

This set consists of paid projects, carefully illustrated for my clients

Blue or Orange owambe

Ever in doubt? Try two colours then pick the best

Bridal goodness

This piece was created for a bride to be

Purple royalty

Saturday slay

Weekends slay

This set consists of casual Saturday slay for girls get together and hangout

Colour mesh

Blend colours in style

Hatting it out

Hatting it out on a Saturday with colours


Don't dim your shine


Stylish Fashionables

This set consists of illustrated fashion dress up and glam. I know you'll love it and probably friend one or two inspirations😉

Stylish outing

If you're ever going to be late, be fashionable late

Stepping out

Don't just step out. Step out in style

Boss up

Keep your shoulders low and your standards high

Beyond passion

I got certified!

Chat with me

No don't leave just like that🥺... Converse with me first😉

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