My writings ✨

Hello humans, am shadiyah. Thank you for paying a visit out here !

Well, to the fact writing has always been a part of my sideline. I love sharing my thoughts either it's sorrow or delights moments.

Since I was 13 years old, I began to burry myself into books. Haah ! Definitely I wouldn't read them all, which by then I came across online books on the well known wattpad application, ever since then I fell in love with each stories.

I built up my imagination into words and published two of my stories so far which is indeed based on my fantasy world. The love curse and tied to you !

You'll find the link on the next page.
As I am a mauritian, I left some grammatical mistakes in. That's the reason why I still didn't make my books official and as they are only short stories.

My qoute.

" As the clock run after midnight, my thoughts ponder. Blurring my stares at the wall as if I just lost my soul. Thus, evoking the pain I hide on the facade, I wish to flee and turn it off but taking a breath seems thr only choice. Drown by thr negativity, closing my eyes to cherish the darkness as I open it again to see it was only a daylight to my nightmare"