My Journey

Hey everyone!

I’m Ollie Shaddon! I’m married to the love of my life and we have 6 beautiful children together!

When I decided to become a rep for this amazing company, we were living in just a two-bedroom worn down house with no way to get out! Our jobs weren’t paying enough and we were always living paycheck to paycheck..

I came across this post on my timeline about a business that my friend was promoting that had allowed her to quit her day job and travel around the world and be with her kids.. I knew I needed that and wanted that more than anything!

About a year later I decided to use the last bit of cash we had to partner with her and try it out.. I realized what I actually got my hands on! This company has blessed my family so much in just the short time I’ve been here! It’s helped pay for my kids diapers and wipes, helped pay rent, and it’s even helped us pay most of our bills! I am not even where I want to be yet and have been extremely been blessed by everything my team helps us with!

If you are looking for a way to get out of the financial situation you’re in, reach out to me! You will never be the same again!