About us —

Two sisters rocking life in Texas ⭐️

Shadow and Weezer are two cute rescue sisters in their forever home in Dallas. They have been dog siblings since January 2016.

Shadow is a Pointer mix (she is a mix of many more breeds) born on 9th December 2015. Weezer is tiny toy Rat terrier born on 4th January 2016.

They love each other and always stick together no matter what. Big or small love them all 🐾🐶

A little about me!

Shadow’s a sweet girl and a gentle giant. She loves to bark and play, she is very attached to her humans and hates if they leave her and go to work. She loves to lick (kiss) and hug. She hates bath, doesn’t like to get her paws cleaned. She loves car rides, going to the dog park and meet new friends. She is very friendly and she is indeed a shadow who follows you around the house. Her favorite pastime is to gaze from the patio. She is very attached to her little sister Weezer :)

A tiny little (like me) info about me!

Weezer is a cute little rat terrier. She is a very picky eater when it comes to food but loves treats and jerkies. She is a nap queen and the boss baby of the house. She is super friendly and loves to make new friends around. Her favorite pastime is napping and she loves to sunbathe. She will always be the first one to welcome her humans when they come home. She loves to cuddle. She loves to play with her big sister Shadow :)