Shae Lee

Mum on a mission!

To all the working mums just like me, the mums who want more time freedom and the mums who want financial freedom for their family. This is for you.

I understand the guilt you often feel when you can’t always show up. The struggle of being a mum, wife, step mum, chef, cleaner, security guard & referee to children, holding a job & having endless sporting commitments......It never ends. The struggle is very real.

I understand how mums get so time poor that there simply is not enough hours in the day to just stop, and love yourself.

Imagine being able to show up, be there and be fully present to all things that light you up.

Imagine being celebrated for your wins & encouraged to live your best life.

Well mums, it’s time to take back control of your beautiful mess and create the life you deserve.

There is another way....

Are you ready?

Below is the link to our exclusive women’s group “The New Era of women creating an income online” - answer the questions and tell say I “Shae Lee” sent you!

I look forward to finding out what you love about this new era 💕

All about me

My mission is to Learn, Grow & Share the love.

I’m so grateful that you have taken the
time to get to know a little more about me and the things I love.

🌻 My children are my life

🌻 My husband is my favourite human

🌻 My blended family is amazing

🌻 My family will always come first

💕 I love the beach, it’s my happy place

💕 I love to paint & get creative

💕 I love to help & support others

💕 I love, Love. All you need is love.

🌈 I value all lives & living things

🌈 I value my friendships

🌈 I value the opportunity to grow

🌈 I value time

🌱 I am honest

🌱 I am caring

🌱 I am kind hearted

🌱 I am enough

✌️ I believe in miracles

✌️ I believe you can relearn, beliefs

✌️ I believe we can achieve our dreams

✌️ I believe in you

GRATITUDE= Great Attitude

💙Practice gratitude everyday