Build Your Own Empire

Living life on my own terms

Why hello there. My name is Shaina, but most of my friends and family call me Shay....mainly because no one really knows how to pronounce my full name lol but to be honest Shay fits me justtt right. I’m a born and raised Florida girl and have just started my last year in my 20s (29 and feelin fine). I grew up in a very culturally diverse family and I attribute a lot of who I am to that. I live for love and light, Im a day dreamer, I’m a Taurus, and I’m probably the funniest person you’ll ever meet (at least I think so but my close friends would probably laugh at that comment lol). One of the most important notes id like to share with you is that I am creating a life for myself I never knew existed...let me give you a quick run down and set the scene so to speak.

I was one of those people who knew what I would do and who I would become from a very young age. I was determined to become the best AND wealthiest (key word here) physician in the world. I had a lot of family to impress here, my father being number 1. He loved that this was my “dream”, so much so that he drilled it into my head (out of love of course) that this was my one and only path to success. He never wanted me to struggle in life, he wanted me to be able to take care of myself financially and never have to become dependent on someone else to survive in this world.

Let’s fast forward here because who has time to talk about the years and years of schooling, a degree in cell and molecular biology, and taking the MCAT 3 times only to find out...I HATED MEDICINE. Wow. You could only imagine how 1. Upset my family was that I had gotten so close and decided this absolutely was not the path for me...2. How upset I was that I had no idea what I was going to do with my life. After some really deep self reflection, and I mean realllllyyyy deep, I knew that deep down the reason I wanted to be a doctor wasn’t for the money (I mean let’s not even talk about the massive amount of debt I would have been in working in a field I can’t stand), it was the capability to help so many people.

Boom. There it was. The light bulb. I knew I’d be completely fulfilled as long as I chose to do something that was helping others. See money is great and all but it can’t be everything. At least when your searching for your passion. So here we are, age 29, living my dream life as my OWN BOSS, building my empire, and helping others!

Here’s the best part, you can achieve this too. Fun fact we all come from different backgrounds, and have different stories....but I know one thing is true for us all. We all deserve to live our lives on our own terms and create the life we love! Right now your probably reading this like okay get to the point Shay I’m ready for it!!!

So here we go, I’ve created a successful online business with one of the top luxury anti-aging, vegan, and cruelty free, hair and skincare company and it has changed my life! I work from home on my own terms while helping others every day!
Here’s how it works: I get to help people find products that WORK for them, AND I get to provide the opportunity for others to grow in the business and change their lives too!

The overall goal here is actually quite simple.
Living on your own terms.
Financial freedom.
Working on your own timeframe.
Being your own boss.
Helping others achieve their goals.
Being home with family more.
Taking vacations without having to “take time off”.
Networking and building with amazing people who want to see you succeed. Getting that extra stream of income to help with bills, tuition, or even groceries...
All of these things are attainable and I’m here to help. I believe there is purpose behind everything, somehow, someway you landed here reading this and there is a purpose behind it.

*If anything I have typed out vigorously has spoken to you in some way shape or form don’t disregard it. Continue to the next page to get more info on how you can live life on your own damn terms!

*If you are simply looking to upgrade your hair and skin game by using products that are clinically and scientifically backed and proven to work (naturally may I add), then continue on to the next page where you’ll find a hair a skin quiz. This will give me more info about your hair types and needs so I can help get the right products for YOU!

If you’ve gotten anything out of this I hope you have learned a little more about me, but also discovered that you are capable of greatness! Much love-Shay Bay Bay