The Age of novel coronavirus


So far what we know about this new novel coronavirus outbreak is that we don’t know much about it. The Western world when it comes to risk assessment in the investing sector, they prepare for the end of the world, but when it comes to a deadly unknown virus, they act like, it is not even a thing.

We have had evidence about re-infection as early as March 2020, and eventually the scientific community had followed up, not to mention the many examples whom are talking about their second covid-19 cases.

This “new” scenario drops our chances for an effective vaccination even lower than it was before.
Technically speaking, even if we find a vaccine, we should be taking it various times, before the original novel coronavirus stops circulating in our society, if ever.

This could mean that Western Cultures betrayed humanity whilst the Eastern ones tried to defend it.

Funny enough that we have been told that it is the other way around.
Eastern cultures, specifically speaking, China is a communist country and communism is the evil thing, what we fought against for many years.

Let me be clear, communism never actually happened.
Socialism did, and it destroyed lives of millions before it could evolve to something meaningful in an unnamed side of the planet.

Eastern Europe is still devastated and never fully recovered from the weight of Soviet Union’s Socialist empowerment.

Capitalism at first shown to be really useful but eventually turned out that it is really evil, poisoning not only humanity but our entire ecosystem.

There is no taking everything limitless without consequences. The novel coronavirus is just one of the many consequences we are facing in the present and there are plenty more coming.

If we don’t try to change on our society and start to work on things together, the extinction of human race will be inevitable.

Remember, it is Us we have to save, the Earth will carry on gravitating around the Sun long after we disappeared from its surface.

Read Reuter’s article about reinfection below.