About Arlington Classical Theatre

Shakespeare on the Porch

Starting in 2002 with "Julius Caesar, " Arlington Classical Theatre has produced an annual Shakespeare play --- and performed it on our really big front porch!

ACT is a youth theatre company in rural Reno County, Kansas. Activities include classes about Shakespeare, school presentations, and the fall show.

Shakespeare on the Porch is the third weekend in October each year. Recent shows include As You Like It (2016), Macbeth (2017), The Merchant of Venice (2018), and A Midsummer Night's Dream (2019).


What everyone wants to know

Is Shakespeare on the Porch really on a porch?

Sure is! The audience sits in the yard, under the maple trees.

Where is it?

Shakespeare on the Porch is at 19308 W Castleton Rd, Arlington, KS.

Is there parking?

Parking is along the dirt road, or in a nearby pasture. Allow for plenty of time to park and walk in, set up your chairs and blankets, and get comfy.

How much are tickets?

Admission is free and seating is first come, first served.

Do you perform actual Shakespeare?

Yes. Plays are performed in the original language. Most shows are lightly edited for brevity. Some adult/explicit content is also modified. Nonetheless, this is Shakespeare -- ghosts, battle scenes, iambic pentameter and all.

But what if it RAINS?

In 2020, considering the difficulties of indoor venues, we will not move inside if it rains. Please check the Facebook page or ask a cast member if you have questions about the weather.

Past shows

What's been on the Porch so far

2020: Romeo and Juliet
2019: Midsummer Night's Dream
2018: Merchant of Venice
2017: Macbeth
2016: As You Like It
2015: The Tempest
2014: Julius Caesar
2013: Midsummer Night's Dream
2012: Romeo and Juliet
2011: Merchant of Venice
2010: Macbeth
2009: The Tempest
2008: Romeo and Juliet
2007: Julius Caesar


Macbeth, Julius Caesar, Romeo & Juliet-- so many of the great plays are tragic. Please know that violence, manipulation, and outright evil are significant themes in many of Shakespeare's plays. We continue to produce these shows with our youth theatre because violence, manipulation, and evil exist in the world they are inheriting. We do recommend looking up a synopsis of the show and discussing it before you come to any tragedy, particularly if you are bringing younger children.


"As You Like It" and "Midsummer" are two of the enduringly funny shows we love to produce. Tragicomedies like "Merchant" and "Tempest" also provide a lot of laughs while still offering something meaty to think about. All our shows are edited to be less (ahem) ...bawdy... than the originals, and are suitable for families.

Ready to join us?

How to get onto the Porch

We are blessed with more kids who are eager to participate than we have room for on our stage! Our shows have casts of 20-35 youth and children, who also help with set, props, and crew needs. If you are interested, send us an email at [email protected] to be placed on our waiting list. Sadly, we can't guarantee any specific wait time.

Much Ado About Nothing

2021's show -- October 15-16-17

And we're back with a comedy! Our personal favorite, Much Ado About Nothing has romance, strong and funny leads, a satisfyingly nasty bad guy and enough goofiness to float a battleship.

We are especially delighted to welcome local musician John Depew to our stage as our minstrel this year! We know we say it every year, but every year it's true-
this will be our best show yet!

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