Shakti Crystals , High Energy Treasures

Top quality, high energy crystals, curated by me for you!

My name is Lisa. Owner and Operator of Shakti Crystals. My journey down this path started 6 years ago when my son got sick with a virus that nearly killed him. The Chaplin of the Clergy from the hospital we were staying at told me of a book called, “The Divine Matrix” and taught me all about energy. He told me how by sending my energy to my sons spine, I could help heal him. He told me the secret behind mass prayer and why it’s so effective. I was launched down the rabbit hole! From one door, another would open into another realm that was somehow related to the last. I had lived the first 28 years of my life wrong! Thinking that by always worrying meant I would always be prepared. Little did I know I was vibrating on a frequency of destruction and attracting every bad thing that was happening to me. I thought my constant worrying was the only way to keep my kids safe, and was proof of me being a good mommy to the kids I love more than anything in the world… But I was wrong! So wrong! Not only was I attracting all my worst nightmares, but I was harming my children’s state of mind in the process. I was unintentionally installing fear, worry and paranoia instead of instilling gratitude, love, happiness, abundance, and playfulness. I should have been encouraging them to do the unknown, but instead I placed them in a bubble.