When Opportunity Knocks

Hi! You’re probably a little familiar with my story, or maybe not so let me introduce myself! My name is Shalay & I’m a 27 year old, beauty obsessed entrepreneur & I’m creating the life I’ve always known I’m meant to live.

I’m a wife, a step mom of three, & have two fur babies. I have been in aesthetics for 7 years & love helping people become confident in their skin. My other passion is helping women become the best versions of themself. I have been training & mentoring for 4 years.

I started this business because my husband crashed on his skateboard & broke his wrist. This led to him having to get surgery which ultimately led to his mental health struggling.. I became the sole income for our family during this period.

The pandemic hit in the spring just as we were getting back on our feet, & I was furloughed from my job. I became extremely worried about our finances, $200 in unemployment would not cut it for our family of 5.

At that moment, my best friend introduced me to this opportunity. I thought about it, & I did my research & then I made the leap. I needed something that I could work from home in these uncertain times, & somethkng thatbwouldnt interfere when I did go back to work. & the fact that it was in my industry, made sense to me. Not to mention, RECESSION PROOF. I could help people with their skin & learn to help people with their hair. It seemed like a challenge, & it was, & it has been. This is for the strong willed, the ones willing to look themself in the mirror & make the necessary changes. Lucky for me, I tend to embrace challenges. If they can do it, so can I.

My life isn’t perfect & my husband is still working on his mental health. We both are. However, this business is allowing me to be home & to be there for him & for myself. No more working 35-40+ hours and not seeing each other or spending time together. We’re growing together.

This business has done sooo much more for me than I thought it would. It’s forced me to grow. There is no complacency in this business, you will continue to be pushed out of your comfort zone, continue to do things for the first time & continue to learn & adapt. This is personal development, with a paycheck. My confidence has grown, my bank account has grown, my community has grown. I’m so extremely grateful to be a part of this. I cannot wait to see where this road takes my family & I.

This opportunity presented itself to me at the perfect time. Timing is everything. What’s possible for me, is possible for you too! If you’re reading this & thinking to yourself that you: love the beauty industry, maybe you need some extra money, maybe you want a lifestyle change, maybe you want more time at home with your family, maybe you thrive in a leadership role....or maybe none or those apply but you’re coachable & willing to learn....this is probably the perfect opportunity presenting itself to you at the perfect time.

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