Shamrock Meadows Farm and Orchard

Hey there, I’m Ainsleigh and I have a ton of wool and mohair to sell. We no longer have angora and pygora goats so there is only a few bags of those, sheep wool on the other hand are in large supply, processed and raw.

The prices may be high, and I’m sorry, but shipping here is $20.

Some wool is processed and thus making it more expensive because you don’t have to pick the little burrs out or have to wash the oil out of the wool.

The others are raw wool, meaning they have oil, plant matter, and burrs. But don’t let that discourage you, they are quite easy to get out if you know what you are doing!

Inspiration needed?

Here you can find ideas on what to do with your freshly bought wool or mohair.

You can stuff pillows with mohair or wool, make little felted people or animals (don’t poke your finger though!) You can also make yarn with a drop spinner (which are easy to make by the way, there are tutorials on YouTube and other places around the web) you can also crochet from you new yarn, you could make smaller string to sew with, you can just set it around your house for aesthetic... haha I don’t suggest it though, it could make a nice house for mice to live.


Felting little people, animals, houseplants, or basically anything you can put your mind to is easy, just don’t poke your fingers, that’s not fun.

Drop spinning

Here is a DIY drop spinning tutorial I found that is extremely helpful.


You can crochet from your wool or mohair, it doesn’t matter if it is raw or processed.