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Reusable and Biodegradable Sanitary products

Dear Customer,

Hello and Welcome to Harmony,

Here at Harmony we want what you want, a happy planet and a healthy body. We aim to make your period as positive as possible. Offering a range of Reusable and Biodegradable products, where you will be able to find at least one that suits your own individual needs and preferences. We are excited for you to try our products and contribute to our journey of creating a positive change on the outside and within.

Reusable product range

All of our reusable products are designed to create a completely sustainable future.

All products are are Oekotex Certified, Vegan and Vegetarian friendly, Biodegradable and made with natural bamboo materials. We want you to feel safe using our products and as healthy as you can during your period. We really do.

Reusable Sanitary Pads 3 pack

We want you to trust your period, trust your body and trust our products, that's why we've designed the best pads a girl could ask for. This intricate little box contains 3 beautifully designed reusable pads, in sizes, xsmall, small or medium. We offer a fabric cleaning product free with every box you purchase.

Fabric Cleaner

Long lasting freshness. Fabric cleaner with spring flowers, hints of patchouli and white cedar scents. Giving pads a soft and comfortable feel. Help enrich and preserve your relationship with your pads.

Little Cup

Our little cup of harmony offers 3 different sizes and a guide on which will suit you best. It comes in xsmall, small or medium and many different colours, along with a beautifully designed box and cotton bag to carry descretely inside your day to day bag just incase you get caught of guard by your period.

Little cotton storage bag

Free with a Little cup of harmony purchase and available to buy individualy if you misplace it.

Wet and dry bag

The perfect product to keep inside your day to day bag. Provides 2 zip compartments to keep your clean and dry pads separate from your used ones. Perfect for being out on the go. FREE when a box of 3x pads are purchased.

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