Shaniya Willis


Shaniya Willis is an analytical fashion creative with a bachelors degree in Merchandise Marketing. She specializes in brand planning, market trend research, and visual direction. Using her love for fashion and beauty that has grown since childhood; Shaniya’s goal is to use her strategic and technical skills determination to flourish in the fashion industry that will lead to the path of becoming a Fashion Director.

In her spare time she enjoys keeping up with what’s happening on social media platforms, indulging in skincare, and spending time with both friends and family alike.

Works Created

Below are some of the projects I completed that were able to develop and improve various skills throughout my degree.

Linear Optical Fruit Drawing

The objective for this project was to create a drawing with distinct lines to represent the real dimension (3D), for this case it would be the bowl of Nectarines.
What made me choose this specific object to draw was to challenge my artistic ability to execute the ever-changing hue of the fruit itself by blending each individual line with each other while maintaining its vibrant appearance.

Materials Used: Prismacolor Pencils

Rebranding Initiative

For these specific pieces I was assigned to select a company to redefine it’s visual branding. Since the name ‘Nike’ comes from the Greek goddess of victory, I repurposed the notorious brand’s logo into being inspired by the name derivation.
The artistic direction was to use elements from the early Greek times such as their use of marble and mythological depiction, as shown on both the drawstring bag and water bottle.

Software Used: Adobe Illustrator

Color Trend Report: Embracing the Future

To understand what is trending in the market it’s important for fashion brands to forecast what colors will be most favorable to consumers based both internal and external factors.

In this case, I implemented the emotions stirring up within the industry from the pandemic, conveyed them into colors, and styled monochromatic ensembles from designer runways for the season of S/S 2022. Each “color message” connect to tell a story of the prospective consumer.

Images sourced from WGSN and Pantone.
Software(s) Used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Office Powerpoint