I am here to help get you started with trading in the most simple of ways!

No learning how to read charts and understand what’s happening needed.

Hey my name is Shannii and I have a few different streams of income.

When I found CFX I thought surely this is too good to be true.

Within 72 hours I had returns on my investment.

This is something that works on 100% automation so I can literally earn money while still living my life of freedom that I have created.

Cashfx is a platform that allows pro traders to trade your money for you 5 days a week, paying your commissions into your wallet every single Sunday!

You don’t need to know how to trade to leverage this platform which means absolutely anyone over the age of 18 can sign up and get paid every week!

We’re currently seeing 5-6% returns each week on our packages which is incredible! (Go and compare that to what you earn from the bank! I know my monthly interest on thousands definitely doesn’t add up to the same returns)

This is something you can start small with - the lowest pack is 300usd and grow from there.

Absolutely life changing for a set and forget project that needs no referrals to get to this point!

No need to feel stuck on the entrepreneurial hamster wheel anymore.

Watch the video below to get a quick overview about what’s possible here and if you are ready to get started follow the next steps.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert but I have seen my money coming in every week since I started.

What’s possible

A short 8 min video explaining what’s possible and how it works.

CashFX Overview

Australia guide steps

1: Create and verify coin spot account and provide ID for verification
2: click polipay on dashboard to deposit funds faster through your bank account.
3:go to wallets and click buy BTC. Buy the amount of Bitcoin in Australian dollars to the cashfx pack you wish to invest with.
The cashfx packs are in US currency so be sure to convert in google before you buy in AUD and make sure you add an extra $30-50 to cover any fees or charges or change in the exchange rate that may happen while setting up.

Sign up to coinspot

Australia How to Video

If you like to see how sign up works you can watch this video

How to Video

NZ guide

1. Create a blockchain wallet.

2. You will need to buy 300USD (or however much you need for the pack you want e.g 1k, 2k.3k etc) worth of bitcoin through Easy Crypto or Binance (either are fine please note you need to pay a fee in Binance that you need to MANUALLY ADD IN****)

3. Before buying the BTC Make sure to convert the USD to NZD so you know how much BTC to buy for your pack. MAKE SURE TO HAVE AN EXTRA $20 USD to cover any fees)

4. Once you have brought your BTC and sent it to your Blockchain (your BTC wallet) you can register your CFX through the CashFX link below.

5. Create your CFX account. You may need a gmail or an outlook email as hotmail doesnt always work for security reasons.

6. Select your pack and fill in the details necessary.

7. In your binance or EasyCrypto go to SEND and then copy the address of the CFX to the address to send the BTC. Also copy the amount CFX are asking for and paste that amount to the BTC part in your binance/easycrypto **MAKE SURE TO ADD THE FEE TO THE AMOUNT YOU ARE SENDING TO CFX

8. Click submit/send

9. Wait for the purple tick to come up on CFX and the confirmation email before you close anything. this can take a while 5mins to 20mins to sometimes a few hours so don’t stress just relax.

New Zealand Guide

Get started with Cashfx

Once you have set up your coinspot or blockchain you can follow the below link to purchase your Cashfx trading pack.


Due Diligence

Here is a video with even more information to help with any questions you might have.

Due Diligence