Ocean born, mountain livn’

Welcome! My name is Shannon, and I’m grateful you’re here.

I’m starting this blog as a creative outlet to share in style, adventures and hopefully some comedic relief along the way.

A Florida native, I moved to Houston, TX, in 2018 and began my remote work journey before it was ~cool~. Since the pandemic hit, my wanderlust has never been higher. So at the end of 2020, I pitched a ‘crazy’ idea to my significant other -
“Let’s be those people we see on Instagram. Let’s travel and work remote!”

To my UTTER shock, John leaned into the idea. So we ended our lease, packed up our two-bed two-bath apartment in the middle of the famous 2021 Texas snow storm - no power, no water, but an incredible amount of determination. We put the items nearest and dearest into our Honda Accord, put the rest in storage, and left!

Whether you’d classify us as homeless (John’s word choice) or nomadic (my word choice), we are three* travelers looking for adventure!

*Our third companion is the LOML (love of my life) our two-year-old Tortoiseshell cat, Hannah. We adopted Hannah from a shelter in Houston at the beginning of 2019 at six-weeks old. John and I made a (weak willed) pact to not adopt any cats that day, but Hannah called to me. Literally. She began mewing as soon as she saw us enter the room, rubbing her body against the hard cold gate for a moment of warm touch. I was sold. We took her into the playroom, and within less than five minutes, she was asleep on John’s lap - I had his buy in. We adopted her that day.

We don’t know how long we’ll travel before going back to Houston, but travel along with us!