Work hard, play hard, and love hard. 🏠☀️💕

I work hard as a Realtor, fighting for my clients. It excites me to help them reach their real estate goals!

I play hard through living an adventurous life. I love to camp with my husband, have fun with my family, and laying out in the sun with my friends.

I love hard as a wife to Chris and our three amazing kids. I’m passionate about encouraging and empowering all those around me.

Serving the Central Texas area.

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3 - 4 - 5 of Staging

3 Subliminal items, 4 Main Areas, 5 Main Upgrades

I am a Realtor and certified stager, this is part of the package of service I share with each of my clients when they are getting ready to put their house on the market.

I walk through room-by-room and give suggestions on what to do to get it ready. I am very practical and take into consideration my client’s lifestyle and family when I give suggestions. I also take into consideration the price range of the home, the buyer’s expectations, and the market.

I will share several of my tips with you. I make it much more personal to my clients and their space when I walk through their home.

Let me know when you are ready and I’m happy to give suggestions on your home. Connect with me today!

3 Subliminal Items

1) Natural Light
2) Smell
3) Declutter

4 Main Areas

1) Curb Appeal / Backyard
2) Kitchen
3) Living Area
4) Master Bed / Bath

5 Main Upgrades

1) Front door/garage door/landscaping
2) Kitchen
3) Lighting/Faucets
4) Flooring
5) Bathroom (master)