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Let Me Introduce Myself

I'm Shannon, 24 from Fife, Scotland

We'll rewind to before the 1st lockdown.
I wasn't at my healthiest or mentally had it all together i had just found out my dad my bestfriend had cancer we didn't expect it to go by so fast at this point all I had was hope and was for sure he was going to beat it how ever things got worse and covid 19 put us into lockdown stopping my dad from getting the treatment he needed to at home I would care for him as much as possible his worse hours where between 10pm-10am i took those hours to watch over him and to bare my mum seeing him that way and giving her that time to rest then when 10am came i would then have my nap then wake up and spend the time I had left with him as much as I could I gained alot off weight my mental health wasn't looked after I put my mental state onto my neighbour who at this point became a close friend I cared for my dad right up until he couldn't fight anymore I sat with him till he passed couldnt be more proud of him he was everything my bestfriend I broke I put my heart into my neighbour and we became a couple couldnt be happier at the worst of my times but he was there for me and helped me through so much he wouldn't understand how grateful I am for him we fell pregnant and the joy that it brought and looking forward to better days to come was amazing but then we found out we had a miscarriage crushed again and in such a short time and with basically 0 professional support I gave up but fire grew within and we decided to be healthier and happy more positive for the future thats too come so I decided to join Juice Plus instead of just become a customer because I wanted to go on this Healthier more positive journey and to hope that I could share my journey with you and support one another

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