Hey I’m Shannon!

I’m crazy passionate about EATING, enjoying life and becoming the most confident human I can be!

Throughout the past 4 + years tuning into my own personal health, I’ve found myself and who I am meant to become. Owning my own personal strength and learning how to show other women how to own their own strength!

I help offer women’s empowerment challenges focusing on health, mental growth and internal growth. All while building confidence in other women, showing them how to radiate that confidence and how to build a business with the new found confidence!

I never knew I’d be traveling the world with my best friends!!

Just in 2019: we went together to Cancun, New Orleans and Puerto Vallarta. Plus many other vacations with having time freedom.

My personal results!

It’s about taking that first step

Hey insta friends! Shan here, and I really wanted to show you some of my personal lifestyle results! I’ve been working on living a healthier lifestyle for the last 4+ years.
And what I’ve learned throughout the journey, is that it’s so much more fun taking others with you and creating a healthier, happier lifestyle together!!

As well as that you CAN live a healthier life and still enjoy every bit of it (and all the good food)