shara in here!

she/they : INTJ : indonesian

Before You Follow:
• Heavy retweet random things
• I often use harsh word, keyboard smash, and random jamet emojis
• I'm into genshin and animanga!
• Sometimes I draw, sometimes I write my favorites pair AU, and sometimes I write genshin theory
• Sometimes I retweeted NSFW content, but not very often (JARANG BANGET SUMPAH, akun ini diusahakan tetap femili frenli😎)
• I'm a multishipper (and proshipper I think cuz I don't really care about your ship/s as long isn't illegal)
• I use IND and broken ENG
• I often enter giveaways
• NOT SPOILER FREE!! (leaks, etc)
• I'm not homophobic but I prefer straight ships bcs of my religion

Do Not Follow If:
basic dni criteria, sjw, fanpol, islamophobia, xenophobia, thinking that traveler (genshin) is a minor, seriously slandering any character (as long as it's just a joke it's ok)
if u wanna play Genshin together, my UID is in my bio (Asia server, WL 5)

NOTE: this only applies if you want to be my mutual on Twitter. You don't have to comply with this on Instagram, Wattpad and TikTok. But if you do, I'd appreciate it so much.

things I'm into off:

I'm into:
• Haikyuu (Kita Shinsuke and Akaashi Keiji loml)
• Dr Stone
• Detective Conan
• Genshin Impact
• Danganronpa
• Alice in Borderline
• Your Turn to Die
• Munou na Nana
• Akudama Drive
• The Promise Neverland
• Yuukoku no Moriarty
• Wonder Egg Priority
• Magic Kaito 1412
• SK8 the Infinity
• Tears of Themis (I'm not playing anymore bcs of my storage)
• Hai, Miiko!/Kocchi muite, Miiko!
• Tokyo Revengers
• Horimiya
• Kimi ni Todoke (Kazehaya supremacy)
• Kiss Him not Me (Mutsumi my beloved)
• Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (Yamaken I can be your mommy)
• Hirunaka no Ryuusei/Daytime Shooting Stars
• etc (I'll add more later)