About ( Vision and Mission)

Shared Reads

Shared Reads is a title created specifically for all of YOU. It is formed by the words shared and reads. From the title, it means that the owner and the readers will have a sharing connection to publish the outstanding reading. This means not only the owner who will contribute in sharing the reading. But, in the same page, YOU, by means all of my lovely readers or followers are encouraged ro participate and contribute to creating conversations around different topics of the books.

We would love to hear more thoughts and opinions coming up from our readers or followers 😊

Shared Reads, which can be said as SR, is a sharing platform for me and for all of YOU too. This book club initially is my own kind of solace to spill fresh ideas and minds of books. I will talk what the book is about, the contents of the books, the purpose of the books, the advantages and disadvantages of the books. I will also share my point of view of a book, my opinion of a book, what I like and dislike from a book.

I, myself, establish this book club because I like to read as well all of my amazing readers. I hope this book club can give my readers a pleasure in rich education, an understanding of various topics, a contain and solid discussion. And I hope from this moment, our readers can still have a continuous growth and prosperous satisfaction to my book club.

Moreover, Shared Reads is made ultimately to boost up reader’s interest in reading books and it is a welcoming place for bookworms to stay and enjoy our posts and updates in Shared Reads.

Shared Reads is mainly established to let the readers know the summary of the books, what the book is about. Therefore, from there the readers can know the content of the books before buying it. Or at the same time after buying it, the readers can discuss it together with the owner of the book club. The discussion will be held in comment section or will be announced at the link bio for detail. The best way for detail, you can also email me instead @[email protected]

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