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~~~ Maria Bridgeman ~~~ Natural Wellness Advocate & Certified Health Coach

Do you want to inspire & empower people to reach their health, wellness and financial goals?

Do you desire the flexibility & freedom to give generously and make a difference in the lives of others?

Do you believe it is your calling to serve and bless others through your work?

As a mother and minister's wife with a passion for serving, giving, and living out my God given purpose.....I desired all of these things. However, I was not always in a position to pursue them. Both health and financial struggles kept me trapped in a place where I felt like my hopes and dreams were never going to be within reach. Can you relate? ......struggling with health issues while desperately looking for natural options for healing & restoration; struggling with finances yet desiring to give "big" to others; struggling with fear that your dreams will not become reality yet praying for God to open doors.

I have and still struggle, but I assure you there is hope. My family has found the support and natural healing we were looking for. Natural healing that supports both gut & brain health...two of my passions. And, a business with an e-commerce platform that has provided us a way to improve our finances while making a lasting impact on the lives of others.

My mission is to provide everyone I can with the tools, support, and training necessary to reach their personal health and financial goals and to create a legacy for their family. I believe we are all created by God for a purpose.....a purpose that gives us hope and ultimately leads us to love and serve others. It is my desire to help as many people as possible find restored health & healing and the financial means necessary to serve and live out their purpose while being able to give generously.

If you are open to a new opportunity or learning
more, I would love to connect with you. Together we can make a difference by loving, serving, & impacting lives and empowering others to do the same!

~ Maria

Email: [email protected]

~Empowering & serving those seeking wellness solutions for restored physical & financial health~

I am working on a new project in health & wellness and would LOVE for you to check it out and give me feedback!!

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