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Let’s Slay Your Sparkle Together✨

I’m Dr. Sharon DeHope, your Lifestyle Coach. As a retired Chiropractor, nutritionist and business minded entrepreneur, I empower women to Slay their Sparkle- at any age!. It begins with a self inventory that you can take with my Free Quiz. It is a great start to finding your path to the lifestyle you want and deserve.

I have been there myself. My last high schooler was finishing up and my first granddaughter arrived. What now? I found myself wanting a Life for myself, not just continuing to be a Mom, (which I adored and worked hard to earn that title), and right into grandparenting-and gratefully babysitting regularly. But I longed for my own space, my own business- yes, I was continually looking for an online biz to call my own!

The roadblocks were:
too much investment of money I didn't have.
wary of who I was investing with.
not knowing any skills to do it successfully.

I found someone I trusted and we started a work relationship, which led me to working on myself, my desires, my goals, and fulfilling some hidden dreams!

If this sounds at all too familiar we are meant to work together-or at least explore that possibility.

My path for you is to see your future as an endless source of Yeses!

Yes to designing your life.
Yes to earning your own money on your time.
Yes to time freedom to work when you please.
Yes to the confidence to have your dream life fulfilled!

Join my community Slay Your Sparkle